"METIND” is known for Quality, Durability and Reliability of its products and is still remains on the zenith. A special type of alloy steel used as raw material for manufacturing, which undergoes a series of scientific forging and treatment processes to refine the grain structure and thus makes our implements resistance to wear, tear and corrosion. This unique feature of the products has sky rocketed the fame of our company in capturing the local market within the country and now capable to tap the global market in agriculture implements sector.

Agricultural Implements

  • WCP Mammaty

  • BH Mammaty

  • WCP Mammaty(TCR)

  • Half Mammaty

  • BH Quintani
    (S.I.No. 78-83)

  • K K Mattock

  • Mammaty SNP

  • CP Axe

  • Pick Axe

  • Mammaty Fork (3 Prongs)

  • Mammaty Fork(4 Prongs)

  • Ottayam Thoompa

  • Kolangottukara Mammaty

  • Manappuram Mammaty

  • IJK Mammaty

  • Nadan Mammaty

  • Manure Pan

  • Claw hammer
    (SI.No. 18)

  • Wedges

  • KK Axe

  • Malabar Axe

  • Sledge Hammer

  • SICKLE Wooden

  • SICKLE Socket handle

  • Rubber Tapping Knife
    (SI.No. 65)

  • Grass Cutting Knife

  • Felling Knife(TCR)

  • Hand Hoe

  • Trenching Hoe

  • Hatchet

  • Crow Bar(Chisel & pointed)

  • Crow (Flat & pointed)

  • Digging Fork

  • Graden Rake
    (GI Handle) (SI.No.185)

  • SNP Mammaty
    (GI/MS Handle)(SI.No.89-98)

  • Nadan Mammaty
    (GI/MS Handle) (SI.No.129-148)

Other Products


Office Furnitures

  • Steel Table(Executive)

  • Steel Almirah

Garbage Handling Systems

  • Waste Bin

  • Push Cart

  • Dumper Placer Container

  • Dumper Placer

Hospital Furnitures

  • Steel Cot

  • Bed Side Locker

  • Screen

  • Wheel Barrow