"METIND” is known for Quality, Durability and Reliability of its products and is still remains on the zenith. A special type of alloy steel used as raw material for manufacturing, which undergoes a series of scientific forging and treatment processes to refine the grain structure and thus makes our implements resistance to wear, tear and corrosion. This unique feature of the products has sky rocketed the fame of our company in capturing the local market within the country and now capable to tap the global market in agriculture implements sector.

"METIND" cannot keep aloof from the drastic changes taking place around the world. METIND has played its leading role and as a part of it METIND has developed certain technologies for advanced solid waste removing equipment and vehicles suitable for urban areas. As a part of it we are now doing Body Building works and Fabrication on Light,Medium and Heavy Vehicle Chassis to Government and Private sectors to the fullest satisfaction and desires of our customers. We are now the only Body Builders and Fabricators in the Government sector for supplying Garbage clearing vehicles like closed and open Tippers, Dumber Placers, Water Bowsers, Containers and Garbage Bins specially suitable for Corporations, Municipalities and Panchayaths.